Friday, October 26, 2012

The Things I Learn

So I found this article:

Heart Attack Risk Factors

I'm not sure what to think of it.  I have psoriasis and was taking Zithromax shortly before my heart attack for an upper respiratory infection.

Wow, the things I learn post heart attack amaze me.  I never would have read this article had I not had a heart attack because I could not possibly have been at risk!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Heart Anniversary to Me!!

Yesterday was my one year heart anniversary.  One year ago, I was being chauffeured to the hospital in an ambulance.  When I arrived I was in the midst of a massive heart attack.  How surreal it all was.  Even today, it is still hard for me to believe.  I'm not sure the words "I had a heart attack" will ever flow out of my mouth without some bit of disbelief!  This last year has been a totally amazing ride!

I threw myself a big celebration this weekend.  On Friday I had date night with my husband and we stayed in town for the night.

Yesterday, I threw myself a part at a local tavern. So many people came out to help me celebrate and on top of that brought cards and gifts.  That was unexpected!  An occasion such as this reaffirms how lucky I am to have the lifelong friendships that I have and also how lucky I am to still be here to enjoy them. What a blessing!

Of all the odd things, my friend in this last pic had a heart attack when she was 37.  What are the odds?  Strikingly high I have discovered in the last year.  She and I are each 1 in 3 with heart disease.  Are you the 1 too?  Take care of yourselves so you are never the 1.  Heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined.

After the afternoon long party, my friend Beth and I were off to Norah Jones at a historic theater in town.

What a phenomenal performer Norah Jones is!  Just an amazing concert.  It was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.

 This weekend has turned out to be a much more enjoyable weekend than this same weekend a year ago!