Thursday, August 29, 2013

Go Red For Women Casting Calls (playlist)

I attended my first Go Red Ambassador meeting of the new year.  All of the events that are planned for this year are most excellent--Go Red for Women Day, The Heart and Stroke Ball and the Red Dress Dash to point out a few. I will be attending my very first Red Dress Dash this year!  I signed up to speak at events and I am very excited about that.  You know, in my spare time!

One of the things we will be doing this fall is a photo shoot with all of the Kansas City Go Red Ambassadors.  This will be for February's Go Red for Women campaign.  This has sparked the vanity inside me. I am now getting out of bed at 4:45 am about 5 mornings a week to walk. I walk between 5 and six miles a day between the morning walk and the evening walk. I mean really, I haven't done so well at finding the skinny bitch again and now I wonder how wide do I really want to appear on a billboard???  I am back on the vegan wagon.  So, I readily admit  this is all a vanity thing but in the end it is good for my heart---whatever it takes:)  Seriously, when my alarm goes off every morning and I can hardly believe I thought it was a good idea to drag my ass out of bed at 4:45 am, I just chant billboard over and over in my head.  I try to refrain from doing it out loud, but some mornings I come close :).

Remember back in February when I went to the Go Red for Women Casting Call here in Kansas City?   That was such an emotional day for me and quite honestly, it was emotional to watch myself share the story.  As always it is a very important story which is why I have decided to share with all of you!