Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just what the doctor ordered!  Two weeks of glorious this:

It is fablous! A fabulous chance to truly check out of work (which research says is the highest stress on my heart) and check out of Kansas (which after record lows will be over 100 degrees today--so for those of you that ask why Florida in July, it is not 100 degrees!).  When I check out of Kansas, I try to check out of heart patient.

I TRY to check out of  heart patient.  Even though I say to myself I am going to step out of it, eat what I want and not worry about my salt, cholesterol or such, the truth is that it is never far from my mind.  In everything I do, every day in life, it is never far.  I blame myself for some of this because I have chosen to educate other women and I have chosen to advocate for funds for research so some day other women do not have to worry about heart disease and stroke .  Some days when I am reading the grim statistics on my chances for a second heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke because I have already suffered and survived the widowmaker, I wonder if it is worth my personal stress to be so outspoken. With all I know about the signs and symptoms, would I recognize and survive again?

On days when I wonder if it is worth my personal stress, I think of all of the amazing women I have met that are survivors too and I know that despite it all, I would not want to be without these ladies in my life--each one beautiful and amazing and with an equally intriguing story.  Each one of them knows my struggle---although you can pretend for two weeks, you will never be well and will always be a heart or stroke patient. 

My friend Jen, my heart sister (who I have never met other than online but hope to someday!) wrote a fabulous piece on finding well.  For those of you that read this that are sick, in someway chronically ill, I know you will appreciate this so I wanted to share!  From Jen --  Be Well.

Happy summer to you and I hope each and everyone of you find your two weeks of peace whatever that is to you!  Cheers!