Saturday, July 13, 2013

Feeling A Little Triumphant Today

When I first had the heart attack, I vowed to lose all the weight that I needed to lose.  I lost quite a bit of it--30 pounds.  I got lazy and gained back all 30 pounds. Seeing as my cardiologist is going to have a fit when I go back, I have been able to refocus this week!

What worked for me was to plan food every weekend for the upcoming week.  I spent half a day shopping and another half day portioning out food for the week.  Last year after I went back to the cath lab for additional stents, had our company's User Summit, SMS 25 year reunion, BV/BVN 25 year reunion and went on vacation, I was too busy to continue to plan out what I was eating each week.  Once I got too busy, I broke the habit.  I am an all or nothing person.  I am either eating good or eating crap.  There is no mixing the two.

Seeing as I know for sure that eating crap it bad for me, I feel rather triumphant today:

This, my friends, is all of my fruits and veggies (lots of kale) that I need for the week.  Not to mention that I have been up every morning for eight days working out.  I am back on the wagon! Cheers to that!

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