Sunday, October 13, 2013

Heart Party Fun

We always have fun parties and last night was really fun:)  Today is the two year anniversary of my heart attack and we celebrated life, love and friendship last night!:

  My partners in crime at The University of Kansas--we were freshman in 1988 when KU won the NCAA Basketball Championship with Danny Manning.  Every other year we can define by who has been on the Jayhawk mens basketball team!  I also went to jr. high with Laura and high school with Deb.

My Nallwood Jr. High girls.  This means we met 33 years ago:)

 My high school friend (and Vegas friend if you have followed along)  Deb

 My friend Diane

My friend Donita

Deb says this is magenta but we think she wore purple and could possibly be slipping over to the dark side of K State.  She is in luck that K State did not win and has the same miserable record in football that KU has!

We had a great time and I love all these folks plus the others that were there! It appears all the men did not want to be in pictures:)

Happy Heart Anniversary to me today!!  I am so lucky to be here. I get to take my niece's senior pics and root on the Chiefs (who are 5-0.  That's right, FIVE and ZERO!!!!) on this beautiful fall day.  Cherish what you have and cheers to the life and health of all of you as well as me!


  1. Happy 2nd Heart-iversary Jodi - love your photos!

    Just wanted to let you know that your great story about Post-Heart Attack Stun is up today at Heart Sisters


  2. Thank you Carolyn! I love it and a perfect ending to my heart anniversary celebration weekend!

    Many Thanks--