Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who are You?

I have known my dear friend Laura since 7th grade.  We were partners in crime at the University of Kansas and had a memorable time during the Jayhawks 1988 Men's NCAA Basketball Championship run.   That was my first real exposure to March Madness and now it is one of my favorite times of the year! We have recently reconnected and I am so happy that we have!

Laura rocks at being her and on her blog the other day, she wrote a great post titled Facebook: You Are What You Post.   I took her up on her challenge and looked back at not just my last three posts but the last year of posts to see if they accurately represent who I am and if I would want to be friends with me. 

If you looked at my Facebook page you would find out these things about me:

Surprise!  I am a heart attack survivor, I love my friends and family, I bleed crimson and blue--Rock Chalk Jayhawks, I am a Chief's and Royal's fan, I am a bit (ok, a lot) of a smart ass and I hate winter.

Not surprising heart disease posts lead the way on my page.  In fact, I have a whole page for my blog on Facebook, The Skinny Bitch Chronicles.  But still, on my personal page heart disease leads the way.  I figure that my friends that don't want to prevent their own heart attack can choose not to read.  My last three heart attack related posts are:
  1. Women and Heart Disease: How a Decade of Go Red Has Helped   -- I love this article.
  2. Go Red Ambassador Photo Shoot 2013 --we took pics for the Kansas City media blitz for Go Red for Women month coming up in 74 short days!  Get ready to Go red in February 2014! National Go Red for Women day is Friday, February 7 and I urge you to go red and send me pics in your red--of your company or you going red.  I will put them in my February 7 blog post and you won't want to be left out:)
  3. Via the Yale Heart Study Page, I linked an article from the Irish Mirror, New study reveals heart attack victims delaying treatment as they don't recognise symptoms.  
I love my friends and family!  My last three friends and family related posts:
  1. My daughters role in the high school musical that we attended last night.  She was, of course, fabulous!
  2. I posted about an event I am holding for my high school friend Mia who owns Mia Rosado Jewlz.  I love to support my friends in their ventures and we will be having a fun party with finger food and wine!
  3. My visit with my cousin Greg from my Dad's side of the family. We had a great time! He is a pastor in El Paso, TX and I hadn't seen him since my grandpa died.  I went downtown and we had coffee on Friday afternoon and then went to dinner in the Power and Light District. 
Of course my Jayhawk posts.  Did anyone hear that they broke a 27 game Big 12 Football losing streak by beating West Virgina at Memorial Stadium yesterday?   That was as good as a National Championship win!  Great day to be a Jayhawk!  Of course it was worthy of a goal post teardown.  I posted about Oubre committing to the Jayhawk basketball team and of course a little bit (or a lot)  about the Jayhawks beating Duke!

The Chiefs are 9-0 and my last three posts just say Go Chiefs!  All eyes from Kansas City will be on Denver tonight:
My smart ass posts are just intertwined among the rest mostly in the form of sayings and I really do hate winter!

As I look back on my page I can say that I am proud of who I am and the things that define me.  My heart attack defines and guides how I live my life.  Sometimes I lose sight of the definition it gives my life.  The biggest defining measurement since my heart attack is just living for today as you never know what tomorrow brings.  If I had laid down to rest not feeling well I would have been dead. I chose to call an ambulance and I chose right. I have to do that decision justice.

I have a cardiologist appointment coming up in December.  The afternoon of December 13 to be exact.  Even though I am currently symptom free, it causes me some stress.  If you have followed my journey from the beginning, you know I had three stents placed to relieve the 100% occlusion of my LAD the night of my heart attack.  You also know that I suffered from re-stenosis and that they placed an additional two stents inside of the original three to keep me from having another heart attack.  My next journey should my stents fail again would be CABG (coronary artery bypass graft).  I always stress out a little right before my cardiologist appointment that we will discover something that requires the CABG.  I have not been doing my best lately weight wise and nutrition wise to avoid this and my cardiologist is not going to be happy about it.  I love her and she has my best interest at heart and I am trying to do right by her.  I ate mostly vegan over the last week.  I lost 7 pounds doing it.  I am on track to hit all vegan this week.  Anyway, I have to do better with this because I know a bit too much about CABG to ever want to have it done!

The Co-Founder and COO of Medivizor reached out to me and invited me to sign up for their site and let him know what I thought.  If you sign up for their site, you input your medical history and then they match you with associated research on your disease.  They started with cancer and now are spreading out into other diseases such as coronary artery disease.  Check out Medivizor for research on your disease!

Happy Thanksgiving to all if I don't find inspiration for another post before then!  Thanks to Laura Wynn for the inspiration for this post. Laura Wynn is a professional empowerment coach who helps her clients with personal and professional development. You can check out Laura Wynn at her website Laura Wynn Empowerment Coach – Author – Speaker. 

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