Thursday, September 18, 2014


I had my appointment with Dr. Sosland today.  In case you are counting, yes this is my fourth cardiologist. As a quick recap, the first one was a pompus ass (although really, really grateful to him for saving my life!).  The second one I loved but he went to practice in Topeka.  The third one I liked pretty well, but her office was not warm and welcoming.  Her staff was not friendly and it just wasn't the place for me (if you are a doctor and reading this, your staff or billing office is really important to your patients.  If they suck, you lose patients).

Dr. Sosland's office was warm and welcoming as soon as I walked in. The front desk staff was awesome as was the MA, PA and Dr. Sosland herself.  I have been dreading this just as I do before every cardiologist appointment--what if I have to go to the hospital, what if I have to have CABG? These things fill me with dread, but  I suddenly did not dread it so much when I walked in her office.  I have found my forever cardiologist home.  Thanks to my heart sister Julie for the fabulous referral!

I have struggled so much with depression and anxiety and I was so comfortable with her talking about it.  We talked about my not sleeping.  I could not stop the tears as she told me I could sleep easy because I am well.  Of course she did not mean well from heart disease, but well from my heart attack.  My EKG was good, my blood pressure was good and my ejection fraction is good.  We talked about the 8 week fitness challenge I am doing with my jr. high friend Monica.  She said that if I keep that up, the depression and anxiety will take care of itself. I do know this to be true, I feel hopeful about sleep tonight. She also asked me if I had ever read How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  That seals it, we are kindred spirits!  I told her I completely believe in this but it is so hard to do.  I told her that I was strictly following this immediately after my heart attack but that it is so hard to follow. I explained that when I went to the cath lab the second time giving me the total of five stents in my LAD, I figured if I had to go back to the cath lab, I was going back to meat and dairy. She reminded me that my trip back to the cath lab was not due to anything other than the scar tissue build up from the first stenting. 

So, I had a flood of happy tears and had them run down my face all the way to the mall.  Of course, once I got to the fabulous sale at Dillards, the tears were because they had such a fabulous sale going!  I was originally going to work after my appointment, but changed course and decided to revel in the good news and let the stress relief last the entire day. The stress will be waiting for me to walk in the door tomorrow--this I know for sure!

My third heart anniversary is approaching and I have so many things to be thankful for.  I have as clean of a cardiac bill of health you can get for having five stents in your LAD and so many fabulous people to share this with!  So, on October 28th, we celebrate!  We celebrate life, gratitude, love and bowling.  I get to celebrate knowing my work with the AHA Kansas City educates the women in the Kansas City area.  I have been named the Social Media Chair for the next two years--quite an honor as this is a new position.  If you follow me on Twitter, @skinnybitchchro , you are shocked, I'm sure:)  If you are friends with me on FB, shocked as well;)  My story is up on the AHA KC website: Jodi Jackson.  I love that social media provides a story such a far reaching audience and I hope far reaching education!

I leave you tonight hoping you can feel the gratitude for life that I feel tonight.  I hope you don't have to have a major medical crisis before you get to feel it.  It is a very powerful thing. 

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