Saturday, October 4, 2014


I have to say that living in Kansas City does a heart good these days.  Although I am a fan, historically, our football team and baseball team are usually at the bottom of their leagues.  We love them anyway.  Recently though, our teams have seen great success.  Last Monday night, the Chiefs beat the snot out of  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. We set the record for the loudest outdoor stadium:

As well, our Kansas City Royals are playing post-season baseball!  It has been 29 years since they have played post season baseball.  To give you some idea of how long that has been, my mom sent me some vintage pictures from the last time the Royals were in post-season:

My grandparents from Akron, OH happened to be in town that year when the Royals won the world series--1985.

Going farther back, 1980, George Brett was going for a .400 batting average but ended at .390. No matter, I was 12 and it was great!

Right now there is great pride in both the Chiefs and the Royals. Something funny happens in a city where there is great pride in what is going on--people are happier and nicer to each other.  You find yourself smiling at someone who has on a Royals shirt because you know that you both know how magical it is.  Everyone has an extra spring in their step.  Even the police have noticed:

When an entire city believes, it harbors goodwill.  The pride in our town is palpable.  What a great time to be from Kansas City!

I am a very superstitious sports fan.  I was tired and sick this last week and have not watched any of the winning games--Chiefs or Royals.  I slept through them all.  Being as that has worked, I am going to have to sleep right through every game the Royals play through the rest of the post-season!  Here's to good sleep and Royals wins!

#BeRoyalKC #partylikeits1985 #TakeTheCrown

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