Thursday, December 25, 2014

I Got My Simple Wish for Christmas!

If you live in Kansas City, how many days has it been since we have really seen the sun?   It seriously seems like it has been a month.  As we wake up day after day to the greyness, I have been telling everyone all I want for Christmas is sunshine.  Guess what?  This morning, sunshine, southerly winds and 50 degrees for our Christmas high temperature.  This girl is on cloud nine:)  Not only that, we have passed the shortest day of the year, the days are getting longer and in about 10 weeks the temperatures will start to slowly warm to spring temps!  I love this day! 

Yesterday, I found myself out last minute shopping because my girls waited until Tuesday to mention that they wanted presents for best friends and boyfriends.  It was as bad as I envisioned it would be--I try to never get out on Christmas Eve.  My day got significantly more optimistic when we stopped at Bath and Body Works.  You see, I wear my red dress pin everywhere and it is a topic of conversation quite often.  Yesterday in the madness of last minute shopping in Lawrence, a  young University of Kansas girl said she liked my red dress pin.  She went on to explain she was in a sorority and their cause was the American Heart Association.  She said that she didn't know anything about women and heart disease until she joined her sorority. It made my heart happy to talk with this young lady and share a short version of my story with her.  It is women like her that will help us educate young women about their risks for heart disease!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Our Family by the Numbers

3,243 Miles that the youngest son traveled when he returned home from Baatan, Costa Rica where he spent 27 months in the Peace Corps.

2016 the class of Jayhawk nurses that the oldest daughter will graduate in.

162 days until my side of the family gets together for the second time in 12 months after our beach reunion over the summer. That only happens once every five or six years!

60 hours a week the oldest daughter studies for that BSN from KU.

44 days until National Wear Red Day which means about 40 days of Jodi pestering everyone to wear red and send her pics on Friday February 6.

29 years Jim and Jodi and the rest of Kansas City waited to see the Royals in the World Series again--‪#‎BeRoyalKC‬

24 weeks the oldest son spent at the police academy training so that he could become a police officer.

24 students that the oldest sons wife teaches in her kindergarten class

15 years old that the middle daughter turned this year which allowed her to drive more and Jodi and Jim are no longer the taxi service!

7 days since the youngest daughter got braces with hot pink bands.

3 1/2 years old is how old the granddaughter  is. Please remember the 1/2 is very important when you are 3!
3 year heart anniversary that Jodi celebrated this year!

1 new grandson born this year

and 1 family that wishes you and yours an amazing, blessed holiday season and a fabulous 2015!

Speaking of our Royals, I managed to snag a bottle of Boulevards highly sought after #CrownTownAle and we have saved it to drink today!  Cheers to everyone!



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