Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial day to you all!  I have had some time to experiment in the kitchen this weekend, so here is what I have learned.

First, I learned about parchment paper.  Who knew??  It is not easy to cook without oil.  Actually let me correct that.  It is not easy for me to cook at all, let alone without oil.  There--that sums me up better.  I have had multiple episodes of filling the entire house with black smoke attempting to cook without oil.  The parchment paper fixes this. I used it twice yesterday and I will be keeping this on hand in my kitchen.  I can cook on it with no oil and not burn everything up.

The first recipe I tried was White Bean Queso Dip.

This was a great recipe from Robin Robertson.  Actually, I can always make her recipes and you can find her blog here.  This was so yummy and satisfies the Mexican cravings I have.

The second recipe that I worked on was for a veggie burger.  Now it sounds like a veggie burger should be easy to make, but not so much.  I have struggled to find a recipe that I can make successfully.  I tried this recipe from the Engine 2 Diet site.  I chose the black beans, quick oats , peppers and corn.  I used 1/4 C of vegetable stock.  Mine were a little on the wet side, so next time I would add more oats. 

Here is what dinner looked like last night:
I cooked my sweet potato wedges on the parchment paper too.

I have an appointment with a new cardiologist tomorrow.  I hope to have answers to all of my questions and concerns after my appointment.

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