Saturday, May 5, 2012

You Never Want To Hear Stemi Alert

The University of Kansas Medical Center sends me a little magazine called Be Well three times a year.  Yesterday, I received the May-August 2012 issue.  In large part, the issue is about the new home for women's heart health.  It looks like a fabulous facility.  In this issue, I find this:

So, I find the STEMI thing highly disturbing.  What they called from the ambulance to LMH was a STEMI alert when I was on my way to the hospital. I didn't know what that meant until I read this.  Although I knew I had a massive heart attack, I did not realize it was really the worst kind you could have.  I learn something new everyday....and I am more thankful every day.

On Friday, I volunteered for the Go Red For Women Half Day event in Kansas City.  There was a fabulous turnout and everyone came to bid on fabulous auction items.  All to raise money for the American Heart Association.  I had a great time and hope to volunteer again:

Me on the left

I continue to improve and am absolutely still following the plant based diet.  Truly, I have never felt better.

I have no new food news this week.  On a good note, I think my kitchen and I are coming to a truce.  Perhaps my kitchen understands that I now really need to use it and is cutting me some slack for my lack of domestic gene.

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