Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I volunteered at a Go Red event last Tuesday night.  It was there that I met Christi, a fellow Go Red Ambassador.  We talked and I told her I was new to volunteering and the Go Red Ambassadors.  I explained that it was all too new last year for me to really feel like I wanted to shout my story to anyone that would listen.

What she said to me surprised me.  She so freely said that the reason I didn't want to take part in any of sharing my story on this level was due to the anger stage.  I have always felt the grief of losing what my life was like before my heart attack but I have never really thought of it as being angry.

I came home and pondered the anger angle.  I realized it really was a combination of anger and grief.  I was really angry.  I didn't even wear red on Go Red day in 2012.  The anger has faded and the grief is gone.  It is replaced by a sense of purpose.  The purpose of sharing my story so that others will take their health more seriously.  The purpose of sharing my journey so that others can survive like I did.  There is still a lot of searching the reasons but these two seem like a pretty good starting point.

In the spirit of sharing my story I also volunteered at Kansas City's Half Day for Your Heart Luncheon last Friday. It was a great time and I met some more amazing ladies.  Being a Go Red Ambassador is just what I needed.  I am with women who understand what I've experienced.  It is very refreshing!

My great friend Brian was at the lunch and it was fun to have a good friend of mine there:

Next up, Greater Kansas City Heart Walk!

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