Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love My New Doc!

I love my new cardiologist, Dr. Yang!  She is awesome!  I went to my first appointment with her with very little hope of being impressed.  I am the first to admit when I am wrong and boy was I wrong.

She had all of my records and had reviewed them.  She spent an hour or better with me.  We went over every detail of my history prior to and since my heart attack.  She concentrated only on me and together we devised a treatment plan.  They ran an EKG in the office and she said by the looks of that, if she hadn't already known I had a heart attack, she would not have guessed I had any cardiac history. She was also open to the nutrition aspect that I place a lot of importance in.  She made me feel very comfortable about choosing plant based nutrition. That is tops in my book!

My blood pressure is under control which is good news. I left with orders for lab work and an echo cardiogram.  The results of the echo came back and I got all good results back on Friday. My heart is functioning with no permanent heart damage from my heart attack. Time is key and I was quick to get to the hospital! I have disease in my arteries, but luckily not the actual heart muscle! It is the best news available and I feel very lucky to get it!:) I was glad not to have to go over the weekend waiting on test results

This week brings three Go Red Ambassador events culminating in Friday's Half Day for Your Heart luncheon.  I am looking forward to it!

My company has jumped on board in supporting the American Heart Association and we are walking the Kansas City Heart Walk in 4 weeks.  We have about 30 people walking.  You know it warms my heart and makes me teary eyed to see the support! Pics to come. On another note,  I downloaded the couch to 5K app on my phone.  It is couch to 5K in eight weeks.  We will see! One of my staff members has breast cancer and some of us at work have decided a breast cancer 5K in October is our goal.  We can get healthy and support causes that are near and dear!


  1. Great news Jodi! Best of luck on the 5K! You can do it - I know it!!


  2. Thanks Jen! I am looking forward to it!