Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Fight Matters

If there is ever a time that heart disease really hits home, it is when someone loses their  battle.  It hits home that although I survived and am currently doing well, it does not mean that this does not loom in the back of my mind all the time. Rekisha Harris lost her battle with heart disease this last week as her body rejected the donor heart.

This is why it was important to her and is so important to me to educate other women. She wanted to make sure no other women experience what she did and so do I. So do all of the women that I work with at the American Heart Association.

This really brings to light the sprit of Go Red for Women and National Wear Red for Women Day.  I would ask each of you reading this and listening to Rekisha's story to Go Red with us on Friday February 7th. Help us raise awareness of heart disease in women. It is the number one killer of women and kills more women than all forms of cancer combined.  Make sure the women in your life know this and Go Red!

I Go Red for and with all of these fabulous ladies, my family and all the other fabulous ladies I know. These are my heart sisters with the Kansas City Go Red Ambassadors:

Not only are these ladies fabulous, but I mean I really am blessed with the best friends anyone could ever ask for.  I have mailed 100 Red Dress Pins to them.

So, how will you Go Red this year? Will your company Go Red? If you or your company goes red please post me picture on LinkedIn, Twitter (@skinnybitchchro), Facebook or email it to me at I want to see YOU in your red. This fight matters!


  1. I still have my red dress pin from 2006! Such a wonderful association to be a part of. I used to teach CPR and first aid classes for the Red Cross, so I am VERY alert to all the signs of a heart attack for women and used to emphasize these when teaching my classes. Knowledge is POWER!