Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finding My Way

I've worked hard since my heart attack to find my way in a world where I now have a chronic life altering disease diagnosis. Looking back, my pre heart attack life was pretty care free. I certainly would not have told you that then, but boy was it true. I read Carolyn Thomas's most recent post titled “Everybody has plans ‘til they get punched in the mouth.”  It is like she writes my story some days.

I feel as if I am hitting my stride in the navigation of the chronic illness thing.  It makes me feel as if I actually control my destiny instead of  heart disease controlling my destiny. I have  regained control of the lifestyle I want to live--vegan. In doing this I have lost six pounds since the first of the year.  In the end for each person it boils down to what works and this works for me. This time around I don't feel the need to justify it to anyone. I find that if I just make sure everything I put in my mouth has good nutritional value, it all falls in place. How easy is that? Except it isn't really. Really every social event you attend revolves around food that has very little nutritional value. It takes more planning but still doable.

I have chosen to share my story and each time I tell it I cry less and feel more empowered. As we approach February and  National Wear Red for Women Day, finding my way becomes even easier. This time last year I was telling my story at the American Heart Association Kansas City Go Red Ambassador casting call (See here). This month, I am the You're the Cure Advocate story representing Kansas (See here ). As we come into February, I can truly say I am looking forward to representing the Go Red for Women movement with these awesome heart sisters I have met.

I also look forward to February because I truly know some of the best people you could ever dream of knowing! I put a bug out on Facebook about wearing red dress pins and offered to send them to anyone who would wear them.  The result? This is:

I am mailing a bunch of Red Dress pins. I am mailing them as far east as Irmo, SC and as far west as Poway, CA. I am mailing them as far north as Norton, OH and as far south as Odessa, TX. The closest to me is Olathe, KS. This year my gentlemen friends have been my rock stars wanting to wear a pin in my honor! So many of my friends have requested pins this year and I am truly humbled by it. My friends have sent me messages about putting together great outfits so they can post a pic to my wall of them in their red on Friday February 7. I anticipate an emotional day and already I could hug them for putting the thought into it. Friday February 7 is National Go Red for Women day.  Will you go red?

This is the day for you to Go Red for your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, partners, wives, daughters, aunts, coworkers and bff girlfriends! This is the day to remind those around you that heart disease is the number one killer of women. Think it can't happen to you or a woman you know? Think again and consider Angela's story.  

The American Heart Association Kansas City has great events planned for February! First, you can join us at RA Sushi.

Next,  bingo at Hamburger Mary's on Thursday February 6:

Friday February 7 is National Go Red for Women Day as well as the Red Dress Dash. Ladies and gents alike get your red dresses on and dash from the Intercontinental to the Granfaloon. Alice 102 will be bringing a band for the after party at the Granfaloon. You won't want to miss it!

To round out the month, on March 1, the Heart and Stroke Ball.

Don't be left out of the red in February! If you are going red or your company is going red, make sure to send me a picture. You can email it to, post a pic to my personal FB page or post a pic to my Skinny Bitch Chronicles FB page. Challenge those you know to go red and let's promote heart disease awareness together!

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