Saturday, May 24, 2014

I am NOT a runner!

I eluded a while back that I was going to take up running.  I went and got the shoes and started working running into my walking.  The truth is, I am not a runner.  I hate it.  There is not one single thing I enjoy about it and it makes me want to not exercise. 

I have great respect for those that enjoy running.   I have friends that love to run and enjoy the challenge of doing things like running marathons.  My friend Teri ran a marathon 26 days after her stroke.  I have immense respect for her.  (Read her story here) The thing is, if I am going 26.2 miles, I am getting in my new little Mini Cooper and driving.  By the way, I love that car!  Precisely why I would rather get in it and go 26.2 miles than run it. Jen at My Life In Red loves to run.  I love for her that she loves to run. My dad has always been a runner and now gets to run on the beach on a regular basis. My exercise on the beach?  Paddle boarding.  I just don't love to run.  I really did try to love it and I just don't.
Besides the fact that I really hate running, I have precisely 12 weeks to exercise outside in in Kansas.  I am not supposed to exercise outside when it is under 40 degrees (not an issue because I hate the cold) or over 80 degrees.  Why you ask?  Quite honestly I am not even sure because it is one of those things that was said to me when I was stunned. However, I believe it has to do with one of the medications that I take and not being able to now regulate body temperature effectively.  My coworker Donita and I walk for about four or five weeks every spring and fall over our lunch hours.  As soon as it gets close to that 80 degrees outside, I can really tell.  Walking takes a very hard toll on me the hotter it gets. We go from winter to summer and back again very quickly in Kansas!

So, I have chosen Zumba as my exercise of choice. My friend Jaclyn teaches it and introduced me to it. I can do this inside, it is a great time and doesn't really seem like exercise--much preferred over something I hate like running.  Exercise is good for your heart and we all need to take better care of our hearts. So whatever it is, find the thing you love and get moving!

From L to R at the Kansas City Heart and Stroke Ball
My friend Teri who loves to run, Christine, me, and Jaclyn that introduced me to Zumba!

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