Sunday, January 29, 2012

So, I went out to Houlihans last night.  I ordered the veggie burger and had them leave off the sauce and cheese.  I ate the bread--it was really good.  I had a baked potato with salsa as my side after them messing up the first side.  They took so long that the bartender comped our food.  The food was really good and since Beth and I were just gabbing, we really weren't that concerned about how long the food took.  It was nice of her to comp it though.  I had  two glasses of white zin.  I can have four ounces a day of alcohol.  I probably had eight last night.  That makes a total of about 12 oz I have had since my heart attack.  I love wine, but quite honestly, 4 oz is not worth cracking open a bottle.  I can have 4 oz of any alcohol, so if I really wanted to, I could shoot 4 oz of straight vodka, but my shot days are long gone.  All in all, the dining out wasn't too bad and I had a great time seeing my old friend.

I do have some guilt that everyone will need to plan around what I can eat when we make plans.  I suppose at some point I will get over it.  Most of my friends would rather have me alive and for that I am blessed.  I have great friends.

I posted a link to the book Skinny Bitch earlier today.  I did download it and started reading it--these ladies are hilarious and it should be an interesting read. 

I hope everyone has a good day. Tomorrow, some of the struggles I have!

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