Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hysterically Healthy

So, I find the turn of events this week quite hysterical.   A little history: My friend Deb (who is in the circa 1987 pic with me) is one of the healthiest unhealthy people I know.  She suffers from many symptoms including exhaustion and pseudo allergic reactions.  She has been through multiple medical tests and doctors without a definitive diagnosis.  She recently started seeing her chiropractor on a regular basis.  Guess what her chiropractor has told her?  Drum roll vegan and everything will straighten out!  She has her reasons for saying this, but the basic of it is that it is all nutrition and chemical related.

So, I don't really find it hysterical that my good friend has had all these issues.  What I find hysterical is the fact that she wants to come over this weekend and watch me fix my weekly food.    Have I told everyone that my kitchen hates me??  Really, really hates me. The fact that anyone would want cooking tips from me is an utter scream.  I laugh out loud to myself as I write this.  Alas, she is thinking of coming over this weekend so I can show her the no oil hummus, salad dressing, soup and whatever else I eat.  I think maybe mostly to find out what in the world it is that I eat.  Still, the thought that she knows I could possibly fill the house with smoke and she still wants to come over?  Hysterical! I have thought of the possibility of giving vegan cupcakes a try just to use the whole house oven timers while she is here.

It will be nice to have a Vegas buddy with the same eating as mine.  Three weeks from today -- Vegas!!!!!  Just to get in the mood, here is a link to my pics from last time:  2010 ACM Orange Carpet Pics .  I don't drink or smoke or gamble really, so my trip to Vegas is all about the Orange Carpet pics!  My absolute favorites from these pics? My favorites are the Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman pictures. 

Well, off to bed I go so I can run my cooking presentation for Saturday through my head.  I want to be prepared!

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