Friday, March 16, 2012

Loathing Exercise

I loathe exercise—I really do.  I always have.  However, one of the heart healthy things I need to do is exercise.  It needs to be cardio and it really needs to be every day.   I am up to 4-5 times a week thanks to the fabulous early spring we are experiencing in Kansas.  I was going to cardiac rehab, but my insurance copay for that is $300.00 a day and the hospital backed out of the self-pay deal they offered me.  So, I know what I need to do and that diet is not the only thing that plays into my heart health.  Exercise is key too!
My 10 year old is the medication, food and exercise police.  Mom, have you taken your medicine today?  Mom, are you supposed to eat that?  Mom, can we go to the track?  Mom, can we go to the track?  Mom, can we go to the track?  Finally, yes, we are going to the track.  Even on my days where I really, really don’t want to go to the track, I go.  I go so she will stop asking.   I’m sure in the end my cardiologist will be happy my daughter is that way.  In the end, I will be too.
The track is ½ mile from my house and I walk a mile on the track and then the ½ mile home.   That is two miles and I have found that I walk at a brisker pace if I am outside vs. on the treadmill.  Starting now, I have until the end of October that I will be able to walk outside, so that is good.   I have another walking route too right now.  I walked downtown to the tanning salon and back last night for a total of three miles.  I know, tanning is not particularly healthy, but I am going to go six or eight times before I go to Vegas.  I just don’t want to be pasty white!  Plus, it adds an extra mile to my cardiovascular exercise.
Next up is starting some arm exercises.  I have a lot of arm flab, and I’d like to have less.  I have some dumbbells, so I think I will start that as well tomorrow morning.
We have Vegas all set. Hit a great sale on some great plain v neck t-shirts at Old Navy.  I stocked up for all of us.  I have some new makeup on order too.  I don’t normally wear makeup, so I will have some for Vegas now.  I am packing my love, the vegan crackers, frozen veggie crumbles and some frozen hummus and no oil bread in my suitcase.  That way, I have something to eat.  Chipotle serves vegan, so I can always have the bowl of brown rice, salsa, black beans and corn.  I will not starve!  Now that I know I won’t starve, I can’t wait—just under two weeks to go.  I should not lack for cardio while I am out there with all of the walking you do in Vegas.
I am grocery shopping tonight and planning food preparation day tomorrow.  After that, my weekend is going to consist of getting out spring clothes for me and the girls and then  getting rid of the clothes that are now to big!  Here is to getting closer to finding the skinny bitch!

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