Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nutritional Yeast

I realized I have not yet let you in on a fabulous little thing called nutritional yeast.

Nutritional yeast is a flaky substance
You can sprinkle it on top of popcorn and it really tastes good.  I air pop my popcorn and then sprinkle this on top.  It looks like you can use it in a lot of things.  I have yet to explore other things, but it sure is good on popcorn.  The thing about popcorn is that it qualifies as a healthy whole grain; but if you add oil, salt and butter, it negates the nutritional quality.  Try it out!

I made more of the soup today as I was working from home this afternoon.  I made it and then ate a bunch which might not be good for me later on.  It just tastes so good!  It is my new food addiction, so I suppose that is better than Hostess cupcakes!

I was working from home because I had my doctors appointment to take wider margins from my arm.  As if it is not weird enough to have a heart attack, now this is weirder.  Turns out the pathology made its way all the way to the Mayo Clinic for the last reading which conveniently says: "This is an unusual vascular proliferation.  Although this may be a benign vascular proliferation with reactive changes, it is difficult to completely exclude a low-grade vascular neoplasm.  Complete re-excision of the lesion is recommended as well as clinical follow up."  What this basically means is they have no idea what it is and that I am just weird!

On the subject of weird, I love the weird characters in this show:

If you don't know what show this is, you should check it out.  Completely hysterical--The Big Bang Theory.  I love Sheldon!

It is not bitter cold this weekend and the youngest kids in our clan are at their dad's house.  I think tomorrow night will be food shopping and food day on Saturday.

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