Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Odds and Ends

Since I am new to the whole blogging thing, I have spent a little time on my page tonight.  I have an about me page, a page that links to all the blogs I follow and a recipe page.  Feel free to share your recipes.  Remember, if you expect me to try them, they have to be simple enough that I don't kill myself in the kitchen trying them!  

A word to the wise about the soup I made the other day.  It was awesome and I am proudly displaying my self given kitchen Grammy for that one:)  The problem is when you combine cooked cabbage, the other veggies and Tabasco sauce, it acts as a diuretic.  Beware of eating too much of it!

Back to the doc tomorrow to have wider margins removed off the spot on my arm.  They don't know exactly what it is after several pathologists, so this is just to be on the safe side.  You can bet that I will not be discussing nutrition with him!

I continue to get unsolicited advice about the fact that being vegan is going to kill me.  If I hadn't had the heart attack, I would not have chosen this.  Fact is, they need to get over it.  This is the decision I have made.  It is what is driving this blog. I figured this was a good place to share because if you are reading you want to follow.  If you think I will kill myself my not eating meat, then don't read.  This is the place to follow along with my triumphs and failures if you want.  The triumph of the great, diuretic soup and the failure of still drinking soda.

Yes, I am still drinking soda.  It is my only vice left.  It is like an addiction.  I have been able to stop coffee, the chronic over eating, I don't drink alcohol hardly ever, I just drink soda.  Again, tomorrow we will see.  I think I will lose weight faster if I stop drinking the soda.  It is about a six week countdown to my ACM trip to Vegas with my girlfriends, so bring on the motivation!  After all, who wants to have the skinny bitch hiding if you were to accidentally bump into some country music stars!

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