Friday, February 17, 2012

Ready for Food Day

I am all ready for food day tomorrow.  I made a trip to a grocery store I don't usually frequent and found all kinds of  fun things to buy tonight.  Keeping in the tradition of trying something new, I bought blood oranges:

I have never had them, so they looked worth trying.  While I was milling around the very large produce section in Checkers, I ran across all of the tofu and veggie products.  They had a much wider selection than any of the other stores I have been to.  I bought some vegan egg type noodles to put in my soup.  I also bought some vegan angel hair pasta.  While I was in that section, I also bought some veggie ground stuff.  It looks like ground beef\, but is ground veggie something.  I bought the regular and the mexican seasoned.  I am going to try some tacos with that.  I also bought some extra soft tofu that says it is good for dips.  I am going to attempt some tofu rotel dip.  I think that I can throw some nutritional yeast in for some cheese flavor and the rotel tomatoes.  I have some of the no oil tortillas in my dehydrators right now (I have two) so that I have some chips.  I am getting pretty bold now that I had such success with my veggie soup--I have a little kitchen ego right at the moment!  It could be short lived if the tofu rotel fails.  I also bought some frozen spinach and canned artichoke hearts.  I found some that weren't canned in oil (it will be better than stinking up my house with the stinky whole artichoke).  I thought about attempting spinach artichoke dip.

Tomorrow I am going to dehydrate sliced sweet potatoes with a little Mrs. Dash on them so I have some sweet potato chips for the week.  I also am going to parse out blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and slice up some pears to take to work for the week.

To be all set for next week, I need to make a trip to Wheatfield's and get some no oil whole grain bread.  I also need to make some more hummus so I have some salad dressing and something to put on the bread.

Here's to hoping for an injury free kitchen day!

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