Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

This weekend consisted of to going to Walmart.  I now shop mainly the produce section.  I shop the canned vegetable aisle too because I much prefer canned beans to the ones you soak.  This is because I don't do salt, so the canned ones make up the majority of where I get my sodium.   One thing I have learned is that I love pomegranates.  They are really a pain to eat, but worth it.  They are very sweet, so they tend to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I took my no oil tortillas and cut them up and put them in the dehydrator--they make tortilla chips. It satisfies my chips and salsa craving. The only thing missing is rotel dip.  If there is one thing that I really miss with this new lifestyle, it is cheese.  In specific, nacho cheese dip.  In my previous life, this was a food group all by itself.  There is nothing that can take its place.  I making peace with it though--I am down 12 pounds after 5 weeks and on my way to heart health.  I can't remember a previous super bowl Sunday that there was not rotel dip in my house.  This year, there is no rotel dip.

Maybe or maybe not on the subject of nutrition, best half-time show in recent history.  At 53, Madonna is one fabulous skinny bitch.  She was awesome!  I don't care who wins today, but she was worth watching.  Over on FB, it seems folks either loved or hated the show and I so loved it!  So, since I don't care who wins, if you do--may your team win:)

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