Thursday, February 2, 2012

Office Food Day and Being Young

Today was office food day.  My good friend made fabulous ribs.  Of course, I am not eating them.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get enjoyment just from smelling them.  The Mr. Goodcents sandwiches looked good too--oh yes and all the cheese and crackers and chips.  Then there was one veggie offering from another vegetarian in the office.  I, of course, brought the veggie tray. I also brought my lunch of baked potato with veggie chili to go on it. I really was surprised that it all smelled good, but I didn't have the desire to eat it. I have found that through all of my research, what I have learned really just killed my desire for all of that.  No desire for anything but the soda...yes, I am still struggling with soda.  Tomorrow is another day and I will try it again.  I have been having some caffeine headaches since I put away the coffee pot.  This too shall pass--eventually I will conquer it.

I have never felt so young as I currently feel.  The real upside to being 43 and having had a heart attack?? Every time I get in the I've had a heart attack conversation, I get to hear "but you're so young!!"  Why yes, yes I am:).  My 25th high school reunion this year and I know a couple others that I went to school with battling illnesses that you think are reserved for later in life.  Yet, here we all are--but we're so young!  Even though it is health related, it never hurts a lady for everyone to tell her she is so young:)

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